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Jump Rope Found

As I have been cataloging, purging, etc. the basement I have repeatedly passed a mesh bag sitting on the weight bench. The mesh bag contained bands. Well, that's what I thought it contained anyway, and it looked like that through the mesh. About the 10th (or 20th or wtf) time I looked at that bag, I asked myself, what's that blue thing?

The jump rope.


I was clever, and stored the lightweight workout equipment together, and put it on top of the weight bench where I could never lose track of it. Clever! But I am Not Clever, apparently.

It turns out I misidentified some wood in a pile as well. I thought it was a table (that I had thought we had gotten rid of because it was broken, and not worth repairing). It is Bits and Pieces left over from a closet system install. While I got an ok from R. about tossing the table in the trash, this is Not the table. So there will be further discussion.

In the meantime, I picked through some of the more persistently non-donatable items on the donation table, and put them in a plastic garbage bag. That was satisfying. I also pulled some things out of a bin where I stored supplies for my CD storage system (sleeves and the base rails for a CD Projects system I used to use). Since I no longer have CDs, I figured I really can get rid of the sleeves. I may still offer the rails to my sister, who has my old CDs, in sleeves. Not sure when the transfer of those might happen; maybe next summer, if she decides she wants them. She declined the Quail Ridge cookbooks, so those are off to the bins next.

I am reading _The Stuff Cure_, and it is really enjoyable (maybe not for you; I find decluttering/organizing/etc. books very addictive). However, it brought together a lot of things I had been thinking about and foregrounded them in a way that might not otherwise have happened for a while. I have been Losing My Religion when it comes to environmentally "sound"/"middle class guilt reduction" tactics for a while now.

Hence the garbage bags. Some things you really do just need to recognize are trash and put them there.

[ETA: From _The Stuff Cure_: "Once recycling becomes a household habit, everyone will feel good about reducing the amount of useable and reusable materials that, otherwise, would be wasted in landfills." I think this is Not True. I think you feel good while _developing_ the habit, but once it is set up and running, those good feels revert to whatever your mean, that is to say average, state is. And then the extra effort associated with recycling and reusing is what continues to stick out. This is a Problem that will, over the long term, need to be addressed.]

I'm still happy I ordered new jump ropes, because I had a few of the kind that I found and reduced them to just one, largely to ensure I _had_ one in the house should I want to use it, but getting rid of the extras because I don't like the vinyl rope kind much at all. The weight just feels wrong.
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