walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Basement Decluttering observations

In between bouts of inventorying the basement and hauling out Crap to get rid of, I was googling to see what other people wrote about their basement efforts.


After an initial consensus round on large items:

"We also made an agreement right up front, that if I decided the item should go- either through donation or trash- that Steve wouldn’t question the decision. He gave me “carte blanche” to conquer the clutter!"

This blogger also stayed focused:

"I thought back to a phrase that I learned during my business-woman-career days called “keeping a project in scope“. Define the scope of what you are trying to achieve (in this case, a decluttered and organized basement)… and then try to limit your work to only what pertains to the original project. So while there were a few times that I did go into other rooms to gather items of the same category (such as the other two places in our house where I had been storing craft supplies), I limited my work in those rooms to only gathering the items!"
Tags: decluttering

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