walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Todays Activities Include: T. home sick, riding the trike, organizing the basement

T. developed laryngitis last night. He's home sick, which means we are riding around the block a lot. He's on the Taga trike, minus the kid attachments. Looks like we'll be keeping this; perhaps I'll go look at the shopping bag accessory again.

I am still looking for the jump ropes, altho with less and less hope of ever actually finding them. I've resorted to actually going through _and labeling_ every single bin in the basement. Fortunately, there was a big trash bag down there to reduce the volume of what I had to come up with descriptions for. The textured bins do not hang onto labels very well; not sure what to do about that.

Along the way, I found, photographed, and disposed of these, from our wedding in August 2004. It is a tribute to R.'s ability to keep basements dry (and to deploy those little dessicant packets appropriately) that they look this good so many years later.

9.5 years later
Tags: daily activities, weddings

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