walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Fluffy Unicorns, Found!

We _did_ have a small Beanie Ballz unicorn! And, in the middle of looking for the jump ropes (which I still have not found), I found it!

Here are all four Fluffy Unicorns:

Fluffy unicorns

I feel like there should be some Minions in that picture.

I found a whole other bin of toys I had completely forgotten about in the course of looking for the jump ropes. I also found some framed pictures we took down for painting that never made it back up. So I took a couple frames down and put their contents in albums, and put up a couple of things. Three more to go. I'm trying not to net increase the number of framed things on the wall, since there are over a hundred things up already, which makes me ... uneasy, now that I realize what I've done.
Tags: daily activities, decorating, toys

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