walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Interstitial space, post bookcase removal, pre addition of desk

I ordered the desk today, but don't expect to receive it for a month or more. As I'm looking at these pictures, I am thinking, hmmm. Maybe we should have this room painted.

Looking from closet through space into master then the upstairs hall then A.'s room:

Interstitial space post case, pre desk

Looking from the master through the space into the closet:

Interstitial space post case, pre desk

We don't use the treadmill for about half the year, but then the other half of the year we are Really Happy It Is There. Since R. runs on it, replacing it with a low-profile walking treadmill to go with my new desk is, at least for now, not a possibility (we'd have to figure out a space for the treadmill that you can run on).
Tags: decluttering, decorating

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