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Bookcases After

Here's the upstairs hall after the bookcase was moved into place and then the toys rearranged (and a bunch moved out of the kids' rooms and onto the shelving in the upstairs hall).

These didn't get adjusted -- their contents have been, slightly. Also, a way better angle so it only takes one photo, instead of three.

Bookcase After

The new case, previously empty/with kindles:

Bookcase After

Here's where the metal and wood shelving went to when it left the upstairs hall. I'm not enthusiastic about this placement. It sticks out from the wall too much and you have to reach past it to get to one of the switches.

Playroom shelving

And the other shelving in the room with it, that replaced a sideboard that went away a few months ago, along with a dining table, chairs, leaves, cover. These fold up, which is cool, but are a little rickety. Only the narrow one had been in use; the wider one was stored. The narrow one was freed up as part of the current library purge. We cannot put some of the other cases here because there's an air return that we cannot cover up on the floor.

Playroom shelving

The white binder is this year's kid-art album. It's filling up too fast, so I'm going to have to edit it at some point.

Here's a blurrier picture of the same shelving (minus the narrow unit), from when I blogged about the rice mosaic hanging above it.

Tags: decluttering, decorating

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