walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Backpack Mixup

This morning, T. left the house with A.'s backpack. This was unfortunate. It already had her lunch in it.

So as soon as I saw that, I took it and drove a couple of towns over to where T.'s classroom is, checked in at the school, went up to the classroom, dropped off the backpack, had a very nice chat with the teacher about T.'s lunch in general and how we'd like for him to use it sort of as an emergency backup food supply and increase his repertoire by eating in the cafeteria when he is willing to do so. Then I drove back to the house, where I got a call from R. saying he had managed to convince A. to go to school, so I y-turned, drove the third of a mile to her school and dropped off her backpack. Which she was extremely happy to see, just as T. had been Really Happy to see his backpack.

I think this happened once last year, too. The backpacks don't look the same. T.'s is a pink spiketus:


and A.'s is a Disney Monster's Inc backpack. You would not think this could happen, but in the rush of the morning, it's surprisingly easy and really sort of a miracle it doesn't happen more than it does.
Tags: daily activities

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