walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Coinstar renames itself "Outerwall", buys ecoATM, etc.


From July of this year.

Coinstar runs those refrigerator sized boxes that you sometimes see people pouring buckets of coins into, then getting paper money from (or a receipt they take over to a POS to get cash from a person). Possibly you have used one of these; I never have the volume of coins that would justify using one, because I keep pouring excess coins into tip jars at Dunkin' Donuts. From there, they likely go straight into a Coinstar machine. ecoATM is a used electronic self-serve despository-for-cash. Weird, but cool. Coinstar had already purchased Redbox, which is a vending machine for movie rentals.

The device recycling ATM is interesting, especially since I drove over to _Chelmsford_ to recycle devices. Twice.
Tags: our future economy today
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