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The replacement for my 2009 laptop arrived yesterday. Well, FedEx attempted delivery and I wanted it bad enough to drive down to The 'Ham to go pick it up. On the way back, I passed the New England Center, which has really great facilities and a great program and so forth but wow is it on a tremendously busy road. Very happy our kids have more local, public options.

R. set it up for me. He already had a Time Capsule set up, so it went very smoothly. The effect is interesting, but not as odd as it would have been in pre-iPad days: essentially, the hardware has been upgraded but _everything is otherwise identical_, right down to which services I was logged into in the browser (not everything stayed logged in, mind you, but the exceptions were exceptions in a way that was reassuring). Very cool.

I'm going to let at least 24 hours go by before sending the old one in for a gift card at the Apple Store, just on general principles.

Because that process was so easy, I had some spare interest/energy in fiddling around with other features. I set up PhotoStream on the new laptop (not sure why I never got around to doing this on the old laptop). It's hard to imagine using that for photos instead of Flickr, given the respective storage limits. I also googled how to attach multiple photos to a single email on the phone, because I knew that was possible but couldn't figure out how to do it.

In addition to the large plastic objects I'm trying to give away, I've got an old iPod that I intend to recycle and two old DVD players. I suspect there is a Best Buy trip in our future for the DVD players, but the old iPod (or, for that matter, the 2006 laptop that preceded the 2009 laptop) could be taken to Staples for recycling. I tried to talk myself into taking advantage of the bring-in-your-iPod-and-get-10%-off-a-new-one option, but am so far failing.

Tomorrow, A. does not have school, for Rosh Hashanah. Weirdest week ever: no school Monday, no school Thursday, school the other three days. T.'s classroom is in a different district, so he has school. The impact is less than it might have been, since A.'s half day is Thursday anyway.
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