walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

used wast they taken: for used they art, and used shalt they return

Cleaned and ready to go

When T. was much younger, and before Buttons and Bows (a kids consignment store) left West Acton for nicer quarters elsewhere in town, T. liked playing with these in the store enough for me to buy them. We kept them under the deck where they got increasingly dirty. Today, I pulled them out, cleaned off the ... stuff clinging to them (nesting in them, etc. -- spiders and such), took pictures and started the Who Wants These process.

They are not indoor condition, but I'm hoping someone will take them and keep them in their yard for their remaining season or two of usable life. Worst case scenario, I'll call the parks department and make sure it is okay to bring them to one of the town playgrounds and leave them to be played with there. The kids have sure had fun with other toys of a similar nature at playgrounds in town.

It's easy to convince oneself that plastic is not really part of Nature, but when you've picked as much life off of one of these things as I just did, it just doesn't seem plausible any more.
Tags: daily activities

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