walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Still More Decluttering: photos, Very Old Files, etc.

I've had three banker's boxes for ... a really long time. The contents of 1 and a halfish of these boxes has been more or less stable since I graduated from high school. I've been excavating them while transferring the contents from the cardboard banker's boxes (which have seen better decades) to plastic file boxes (which is where the financial paperwork and back taxes up to 2003 are now living as well).

I extracted a bunch of photos from the boxes and integrated them into the photo binders that I assembled a while back (slight lie: some photos were integrated into the existing binders; the rest became a new binder), then I added some page protectors holding awards from high school and similar (hey, I was a smart kid! I was a National Merit Scholar. I'm still resting on my laurels. It's nice napping here.). I also extracted some stationary, boxes of blank cards and similar items that have useful life which won't ever be made use of in those file boxes.

And now I'm sitting downstairs in my comfy chair thinking, hmmm. I extracted a short story I wrote from one of those boxes (saw it go by in this transfer) and re-typed it into google docs and while I really thought I blogged about it here, I can't figure out where at the moment. Anyway. Having recently extracted fiction from the old iMac and put it on google docs and/or my personal website, it occurs to me that I might do that with some of my fiction and essays from high school and college.

Then I'm thinking, do I _really_ want to type that all in? Or should I look into OCR apps . . .
Tags: decluttering
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