walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Grammar Rant: I'm Only Going to Waste My Breath Once

I don't generally complain about typos or homonym-os or wtfery, not even apostrophe stuff, because these things are easy to get wrong and I would rather have messed up interesting stuff to read than absolutely perfectly produced stuff that is yawn inducing and stupidly wrong rhetorically.

But right at this moment in time (which is for basically the last several months), I have not seen anyone use the metaphor "rein in" correctly. So I'm going to waste my breath _once_ and then never mention it again.

To Reign is to rule or hold royal office.

To Rein In is to pull on the leathers attached to a bit (generally metal) to control an animal, generally a horse.

And now I will stop, because even I can tell that everyone else has ranted about this already, to no good effect. So I will rein in my impulse to reign in the realm of grammar, and just go back to tolerating all the phonetically based confusion.

It's not like I don't produce egregious errors of my own, all the time, but especially when attempting to blog while a child is climbing on me.
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