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What I Did Last Summer: Movies

Earlier this summer, B. started taking A. to see movies. They went to nice movie theaters, at malls, and saw things like Monsters University (kinda jealous, there -- have to wait for video at this point) and Despicable Me 2 (less jealous there, but of course minions are always adorable). I was reluctant to attempt to take T. to a movie, even tho he _really likes going to iMax_ at the Aquarium. I mean _really_ likes. I thought it was just the popcorn at first. Anyway. We did in fact take the kids to see the Sharks 3D movie at the Aquarium this summer, which was sufficiently scary that when I took the kids back to the Aquarium (by myself) on Monday to look at penguins in real life and on iMax in 3D, A. asked specifically about whether there would be sharks. And it wasn't an ooh, cool! sort of ask about sharks, either. All that voice commentary on the Sharks movie about understanding and getting along with sharks is a load of crap; they just wanted to make the audience jump.

Anyway. B. and I took both kids to see Smurfs 2 at the Maynard Fine Arts theater. Wow, was that a stupid movie. Basically, action movie for toddlers, and with Neil Patrick Harris as the married-to-a-woman dad, super weird, especially since the mom has this unbelievably high pitched baby voice and is Very, Very Thin. Also, there's a bit where step-grand-pa turns into a duck. Maynard Fine Arts theater is a triplex and it is Sticky, Cash Only [eta: did I mention it is cheap? That should be a duh thing, but it is Cheap], but still plays first run movies. It was exactly what I was hoping for: an opportunity to take the kids somewhere and not have to worry too much about people freaking out if they were occasionally inappropriately loud.

Since school has nominally started, they don't seem to be running an early show; first show is around 4 p.m. currently. Yesterday, since A. only had an hour and a half of orientation and T. had his Wednesday half day, we went to see Planes. Not _as_ bad as Smurfs 2, but wow, sitting around watching Monsters, Inc. over and over again has really spoiled me. I expect more from a kids film, which I really should not. [eta: Seriously, it was $27 bucks the three of us, 2 small popcorns, ginger ale and a box of junior mints. Given what everyone keeps telling me it costs to go see a movie These Days, it seems like a screaming deal.]

Obvs, the release schedule is going to be a little thin for the next month or so. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 is a possibility, as is Frozen, altho I'm a little worried about Frozen because I Loathe the story it is based on. Here's hoping it is only _very_ loosely based on The Snow Queen; the trailers are all about Funny Bits unrelated to the main plotline, which is a little terrifying.

The good news is, it's 2013. If I get really bored sitting in the theater, I can always read news on my iPhone. Or bring my kindle, which might be a little less disruptive from a light perspective. Altho given the theater (we were the _only_ people in the room for Planes), I'm not too worried.
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