walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

The Original Kindle Fire and Decluttering

A couple of years ago, Amazon put out its first small tablet, the kindle fire. In looking over my orders from when it was released and shortly thereafter, I'm a little flabbergasted at how nuts I went over this device and inflicting it on All My Friends or, more specifically, All Their Children, because a lot of people were hesitant about the iOS universe because of the expense. When I bought some (remember, this was long pre-iPad Mini, and I wanted a small format tablet), I bought three, because I knew what the competition could be like with The Children. We did use them, a lot at first, then there were long breaks in using them, and sporadic returns. But for whatever reason, the iPads continued to win (mostly because of the more diverse app universe) and thus our original kindle fires are now close to two years old and still very functional.

I thought, Self, you should look into finding a new home for these. And because I had trouble giving away an Original iPad, but no trouble at all selling it for an Apple Store gift card, I started my search on Amazon, where I discovered that these puppies are apparently worth $50, give or take, in the form of an Amazon Gift Card.


Apparently tablets are like Hondas. They retain a lot of value.

There is a 2 item limit; I don't know if that's per transaction or per customer id or what. I'll find out.

ETA: Other people who I bought Fires for are seeing them hit end of life; they have had much more continuous usage, however.
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