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My Cookbook Loves the Cloud

Long, long ago (under 20 years, but not by much), I put together my first website. It was really simple, but it included a catalog of my books and a piece of code I had written to access it. That piece of code was the one piece of code I had that didn't belong to some previous employer, to prove that I could do what I said I could do. It got me a job at a bookstore.

Anyway. The computer the website lived on belonged to a boyfriend, so I didn't have any meaningful access to it after, er, a certain point; also, it was not well maintained for a period of time prior to that. Along with the catalog (which I never really recovered, but eventually switched to LibraryThing which worked better anyway), I lost my online cookbook. Part of the rationale for having a cookbook and my catalog online was so I could look up recipes when Elsewhere (using a desktop computer, because remember, Long, Long Ago), and look up what I owned when Elsewhere (usually because I was trying to remember if I'd already bought something or not). Both of these needs persist in my life.

In any event, sometime Later (but still a long time ago), I recovered a lot of the website files using the Internet Archive/the Wayback Machine, and then proceeded to more-or-less maintain the cookbook. It's never been as complete as I'd like and it has never had pictures.

Well, it dawned on me that all my photos are now on Flickr, and I can use HTML embed stuff to make those pictures show up on a website, without having to deal with further storage issues. I don't actually take a lot of food pictures, and I haven't tagged all my photos so finding the food photos is not completely straightforward, but I did find some for the Pizza, Spinach Cornbread and Chocolate Cake pages.




Now on the projects list: when I cook stuff, take pictures of it (especially if I've already gone to the bother to put up a recipe for it), upload to Flickr and embed the HTML on the recipe page.
Tags: daily activities, food, geekitude
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