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Packaged Food Review: Bold Organics Turn on the Flavor Meat Lovers Pizza

I don't normally do this. However, when I decided to cheat on my regular grocery store and try Donelan's because I Was Right Next to It Anyway, I stumbled across a milk-product free pizza line: Bold Organics Turn On the Flavor. I picked out the Meat Lovers (there was a "Cheese", a "Deluxe" and a "Veggie Lovers", IIRC), which really has meat in it. The "Cheese" option is vegan, and I think the Veggie Lovers is as well, but there's actual animal product in the Deluxe and the Meat Lovers.

If you're allergic to soy, you are S.O.L. However, this has an endorsement from the Celiac Sprue Association. It's for real gluten free.

The ingredients list is long, which you would expect in any pizza, as it contains a bread product, a sauce, and various toppings. In this case, there are meat toppings that are processed -- but the pepperoni is "Uncured" and nitrate/nitrites not added so only what is naturally present in the ingredients.

It's a thin crust pizza; I put a baking pan one rack down from the pizza to catch drips. Your best bet is to cook this thing without allowing it to thaw At All, because it'll droop on your oven rack. It does not, fortunately, glue itself to the rack. I didn't broil the top to make the cheese bubbly. The cheese is convincing, but definitely Not Cheese. There's a real soy-y flavor going on. The rosemary in the sauce and sausage is the dominant spice, but all the usual suspects are present.

If you are committed to a thick, doughy crust, this is not going to make you happy. If you cannot ignore the soy-y note to the "cheese", likewise. If you eat the whole thing, it'll run you 750 calories (box pretends this is 3 servings. I laugh.) and 1500 sodium, so not low sodium by any stretch of the imagination.

All that said, it's really good. I often don't like gf/cf stuff; I'd rather eat vegan with actual wheat product than gf/cf with animal products. Ideally, obvs, I'd like to just take out the milk products, but my people are few compared to gf/cf and vegans. The fake cheese is apparently "Vegan Gourmet Cheese Alternative" brand mozzarella. Whatever that means.

I'll try the rest of the line, but maybe spread this out as a once a week treat, because I suspect the sodium would get to me if I did this too often.

Looks like the crust is a potato starch, Brown Rice Flour, Yellow Corn Meal mix. "Organic Certifiers" provides the organic cert.

I'm tagging this autism not because of any kid connection, but because gf/cf is a classic dietary strategy for autism (we don't follow it).
Tags: autism, daily activities, food
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