walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

a couple of tech comments and One Prediction

Now that I finally use cut and paste on iOS, I can do things like cut and paste a short grocery list from Notes over to a text message to R. while he is en route to the grocery store. I think this is keen. I will also acknowledge that it is bourgie.

What was the other tech remark? I have no idea.

Here is the prediction. Flash or SSD drives have been slowly seeping into the consumer market since, um, I don't know. The mid-2000s? Now they've reached laptops and people are trying to build server farms using them. That is a Sign, a Sign of the End Times for Flash/SSD. If people are retrofitting their gamer desktops to use SSD, despite their obvious Problem (very expensive/gig compared to previous tech), that is Really a Sign of End Times for Flash/SSD. Which means, of course, that slightly more than half of the consuming public is about to go dump a bunch of money on devices that rely upon Flash/SSD. (I know I am.)

Anyway. After reading a squirrely Microsoft Research article that said Flash/SSD would hit some sort of wall around 2024, I said to myself, Self, There is a Successor Technology Waiting in the Wings for the correct moment to be announced so as to not cause people to abort their imminent decision to buy a flash based laptop and wait for the next generation of tech, which honestly won't really arrive for more like 5-10 years (relating to their position on the adoption curve: early adopters will be raving about this stuff ... yesterday? Next year? I dunno).

Memristors. ReRAM. Apparently HP is NOT going out of business after all. Altho between transport innovations from Asia to Europe (in the NYT! Really!) and the next gen of storage technology, it won't be the HP we all remember from owning one of their whatever-it-was-we-used-to-own-that-they-made.

That's my prediction. Not very exciting.

I still don't remember the other tech remark, altho I'll add here that I've gotten really good at Minion Rush over the last week of Not Talking (cold) and Not Watching TV (August).

ETA: a more plausible timeline.

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