walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

FB and password managers

I've said -- really, enough times to be annoying -- that LastPass dramatically improved my life. There are a variety of other ways to accomplish the same goal of keeping track of Stuff You Put in Online Forms (whether userid, password, credit card, mailing address, phone number, blah blah bleeping blah). Retailers like Amazon and eBay will remember your information. Retailers who accept PayPal benefit from PayPal knowing all about you. LastPass, OnePass, etc. Blah, never mind.

Facebook is about to enter the game.

BusinessInsider is presenting this as competing with PayPal.


No one is mentioning the potential competition with password managers, probably because password managers/form fillers are still a niche product (a pity, really). But given how many sites already accept FB account linkage as a way to login, it's hard to miss the implications.
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