walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

UPS awesomeness and frustration all wrapped up in one brief experience

I checked my e-mail. I clicks on a UPS tracking link. And I got a little notice saying I could sign up for UPS My Choice and be notified whenever something was sent to me (not just when the shipper decided to set that). Cool! I could sign up with FB; I'm a little wary, but still okay with it. Oh, wow, you can set up vacation hold on UPS! Wait, they're going to charge me. How much? And with membership it's free, so how much is that? Okay, got it. Ready to go.

Except now I can't find the page for the vacation settings. *sigh*

I will figure this out. Because this is Awesome.

I figured it out. Yay! Haven't signed up for premium, because the breakeven is 8 packages at $5/each held/rerouted and I don't think I'll need that many. But we'll see.
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