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Of Formats and Devices to Access Them: Libraries and Friends Revisited

I _know_ libraries have, in the past, loaned out film projectors and VCRs, and currently loan out e-readers and laptops. So this is google-fu to try to better understand what has been/is available for loan (in the way of devices) and how libraries and friends are dealing with the desire to donate e-books and/or e-readers to libraries, either to become part of the collection or for sale to raise money for the Friends.

Nate over at The Digital Reader hypothesizes that my 20-40 year format lifespan will not apply to e-readers and e-formats. I think he is likely right.


You can donate money to buy a specific OverDrive title or a specific Kindle title, to become part of the circulation.


Friends accepting e-reader donations (also cell phones) (also VHS and audio tapes; they want everything in its packaging, not taking vinyl); not saying what they intend to do with them.


Donate a minimum of $30 to the Friends and pick a title available in OverDrive and it will be added to circulation.


Funny! The Friends are selling used book so the library can buy more ebooks.


New Canaan is apparently skipping the Friends and asking you to drop off your older e-reader so they can loan it out. (I think I donated an old kindle to the library at some point. Now that I think of it, I really should have offered them the old iPad. Oh well. There will be another one to donate in a few months, I feel sure.)

I don't see any indication that Friends are accepting donations of ereaders to _sell_ at booksales to raise money. They are accepting donations of ereaders to circulate at the library, which is slightly different.

ETA: At least some libraries will checkout DVD players:


I like that they don't want you returning it to the drop-box. ;-)

UCF (University of Central Florida) will check out all kinds of stuff, some only to use in the library (laptop, netbook), some for a week (DVD player, Flip video camera, digital camera, iPad).


UofI Urbana-Champaign has a more extensive live:

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