walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

The Last of the Discs! (I think)

I finished ripping the operas and making playlists for them (dunno how those will transfer to the mobile devices, but I guess I'll find out). Total tracks in my library: 8733. Total purchased: 942. So I guess that between the initial project of ripping, long, long, like almost 10 years ago, and finally really doing the whole library, I've ripped around 600 CDs, give or take.

I'm still waiting for the final update through match, which has failed repeatedly and will likely continue to fail before it finally succeeds.

It's a little weird to be done with this. I did pull out the Xmas CDs, and tracked down a couple small stacks from the 3rd floor. Which is not to say there will never be another CD turn up and need to be done, but I'm sort of hoping that I never have to do this for more than five minutes ever again. It was a Chore.

I remain highly ambivalent about whether it was worth it. Remembering some of the stuff I had forgotten was pretty awesome, and of course having a big library of music just sitting there available to listen to is pretty amazing. But I think I could have rebought everything I really cared about for around $1000, and once you factor in the time, it's just not clear whether this was worth it (of course, that depends on what your time is worth to you).

It's also a surprisingly down-mood activity. It's possible to stay happy while doing it, but it's a grind, and a surprising amount of cognitive load to keep it moving along, not to mention the ongoing hassle I experienced with the match process (network lost repeatedly -- I've mentioned this). If you decide to take this kind of project on yourself, really make yourself take frequent breaks doing something that will give you a win. And think long and hard before taking it on. You might be better of just chucking your CD library in the trash and re-buying the things you really care about.

ETA: *sigh* R. found another shelf. In good news, the first 8 had already been ripped, and the 9th was a Jack Johnson that I would surely have rebought. Let's see what the rest of the stack contains.

Unripped includes: The Roots "Game Theory", Jill Scott's "The Real Thing", some Alan Jackson and Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, Lyle Lovett, Levon Helm's "Dirt Farmer", Plant and Kraus, along with a few more mysterious items, like Ugly Duckling's "Bang for the Buck", Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, and so on. Interesting. Glad I/we found it. R. knew to look, but missed them; I went and took a closer look and found them.

11 ripped; 15 unripped.

ETA still more: Okay. Done. For reals. (Hopefully.) (This time for sure, Rocky!)

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