walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

the last of the discs?

I'm down to my last plastic bin of discs; this one is opera. There are only about 50 discs in it (versus three or more times that many in the others), however, in order to preserve some possibility of listening to these in a coherent manner, I'm setting up a playlist for each one (I did the same for the two audiobooks I ripped). This adds a little time to the process, altho not a lot, because it interleaves with the wait while ripping.

I realized that I had holiday music in a different bin and retrieved that as well. I suspect there's probably an additional stash of discs up on the third floor. I sort of remember a thin stack of them on a bookshelf.

The end is definitely in sight. While I continue to have a lot of network errors as match tries to update, it is keeping up well enough that I am not worried about it (much). I'm currently at just under 8000 tracks, of which around 1500 have uploaded.
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