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Walls, Gardens, Universes: In Which I Buy Movies for the Kid

We live in an extremely heterogenous media environment. There are DVD and/or Blu-Ray players upstairs and down. We have Prime, so we have access to Amazon free videos and we have Tivo and some other mechanisms for playing Amazon movies (free or paid). (We used to have Netflix, but not currently.) We have an Apple TV downstairs and a variety of mobile devices that can do apple and/or amazon media. Lots of gardens, but the walls don't matter that much to us.

A. has been going to the movies lately with her sitter, and enjoying them. We even took the kids to an iMax movie (sharks!) over the weekend. It seemed reasonable to try to intervene in the repeated watching of Monsters, Inc. on DVD by proposing an alternative. We didn't already own Toy Story, so I figured I should buy it. But where?

Amazon had it for $14.99 (I ignored rental options, because when the kids like something, they watch it a lot, and this looked like a plausible candidate for repeat viewing). Apple had it for $19.99. Cheaper should win, right? As near as I can tell, with Amazon, you get two downloads and unlimited streaming on mobile devices. With Apple, you get all-you-can-eat downloads to mobile devices, and unlimited streaming to the Apple TV. And I'm willing to pay the extra money to get the Apple configuration. Go figure. (Don't hesitate to correct me if I've misunderstood the setup in some crucial way). Both services "remember" what you bought, so you don't lose access to it if you misplace the bits.

While I was sitting there contemplating how weird it was that I was buying all my books through Amazon, (almost) all my music through Apple, TV episodes and movies for me through Amazon (many rented), TV episodes and movies for the kids through Apple (all purchased), I thought, hey, I wonder if you can get _The Great Mouse Detective_?

I don't know if you remember _The Great Mouse Detective_. I'm kind of old, so it was playing at the movie theater that was my first "real" job, and I was going through a Sherlock Holmes phase at the time, and I have _never_ been too cool to love an animated movie with a happy ending -- I loved that thing. It turns out, however, that I wasn't just loving that movie because of who and where I was when it came out. _Lots_ of people love that movie. So it's sitting there, and I'm all bouncing with anticipation at the prospect of showing that movie to my kids, who are _guaranteed_ (Murphy's Law says so) to be bored out of their skull by it, at least the first few times I show it to them.

But that's okay. I'm going to watch it anyway. I don't think I've ever owned a copy, so I get to revisit my past.

And speaking of revisiting the past, I had completely forgotten about Paolo Conte until I ripped the CD and _fuck_ do I love listening to that man sing. Alas, Madison Avenue's _Polyester Embassy_ still only has about four good songs on it.
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