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I'm not sure why, but sometimes I wind up with duplicates on my idevices, of songs. Of all the songs on an album. This kind of sucks. Also, they are not just on my idevices; they are showing up in iTunes on the laptop. I am puzzled. Some of the things getting duplicated I -know- were bought at the Apple Store (I didn't scan them twice). But I'm careful not to rip things twice anyway.

Today, I took a not-entirely-on-purpose break from ripping to puzzle out what the duplication problem was. *shudder* I still don't know, but I've deleted all the duplicates. I think. I also deleted some other stuff, but fortunately, Match had already run, so it just gets replaced by itself with a little you-can-download-it icon.

Wow that was taking up a lot of storage. Wish I knew why that happened. I'm monitoring each upload now fairly closely to see if I can spot duplication when it occurs.

I then went to figure out why this had happened on my iPhone. I also failed there, but did learn how to delete them (left swipe). It's unpredictable which of each pair is the one stored in the cloud. _Really_ unpredictable. So I wound up having to guess and frequently deleting both of a pair to get the not-in-the-cloud one.

Hopefully this will never, ever, ever happen again, and will remain a mystery of the years when Apple was transitioning from you-do-everything-on-your-own-computer-with-iTunes to you-do-everything-through-the-iCloud.
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