walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Really Annoying Things

I've blogged about the debacle that was EverNote for me: I adopted it to fix a problem with Notes (that Apple has since completely corrected), and it was sufficiently problematic itself that I used it less than I wanted to, thus it was less helpful than I wanted it to be. When I made a conscious effort to use it, the sync feature blew up in a really, really, really bad way.

From this (and other data that I won't bore my poor readers with here), I conclude that I often deal with low-level irritation by avoiding it. But if I decide to override that instinct to avoid, I then may become truly incensed.

From the Winter 2013 issue of Bitch magazine comes this turd of a paragraph on page 56:

"Elisabeth Eaves ... thinks that as a woman there's an extra dimension of caution that you're always aware of. "Is this person sitting too close to me? Is he following me? Men have to worry about physical safety too, but as a woman you're always conscious of this sexual dimension. I'm sort of looking forward to being an old woman because it will be interesting to experience life and travel with that element gone.""

Ageism, straight up. Because "old" or "older" women are not subject to overtures and advances, wanted or otherwise, right? I mean, _really_, we all know that only [insert] [adjective] [here] people are ever flirted with/hit on/sexually assaulted.

There are a _lot_ of problems with articles in this issue. I'm wondering if they have been present for all the years (decades?) I have subscribed, or if I'm newly sensitive to them.

I feel a very mild interesting in understanding _how_ you can get to be over 40 (which Eaves presumably was when she made that remark) in the 21st century and still think that "old" or "older" women are not participants in sexual dynamics -- at any rate, that Eaves will someday still be able to travel but _won't_ be subject to sexual overtures. Because I remain unconvinced that that ever happens. If you think no one ever hits on you, you probably missed at least some of the initial steps in the process. Maybe a lot.
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