walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

A bit more about the controversy in my neighborhood

In the July meeting, Janet Adachi revisits the excitement of those meetings.



"There was a committee of neighbors who were on opposite sites ... I basically had to read them the riot act at one point..." She goes on to describe people being rude to each other and yelling and she had to calm things down to make the meetings tolerable and productive.

I didn't attend any of them. My daughter was quite small and we were very new to town.


It's amazing how the nature of the questions that different board members asks influences my sense of them as people. While I like Adachi and Green, and am largely neutral to some, there's one I _really_ don't like, and looking back at previous things I've read when I was tracking things like the day care controversy, I didn't like him back then, either. Go figure.
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