walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Short Attention Span Sundays

No, not T. Me.

We ran errands, including going to Staples. I wanted a bunch of tab dividers for a binder, which I may return to in a later (possibly locked) post (depending on just how much of my own manic hyper-controlliness I feel like exposing to the world). While there: oooh! Look! Backpacks. T., ya wanna backpack?

No. Yes. That one -- which had a bug Lego Star Wars Darth Vader on it. But behind that was an Angry Birds Star Wars one with a Darth Vader on it. Heh heh heh, says Vader when you lose a level. I tried to talk T. into that one. We looked at all the backpacks; he went for it.

Tab dividers, but wait! Oooh, pencil cases. Don't really need one of those. A portable 3 hole punch! Super cool -- didn't know those existed. Talked myself out of that. Bienfang spiral sketch pads -- gotta get more of those. Magnetic locker clips! Sweet! And on and on. I _did_ manage to get the tab dividers, but I didn't leave with a sub $10 item. I spent over $150 at Staples, half of which went to the Logitech Mini Bluetooth keyboard.

Once home, we played games and I read a little more of _How We Think_. I'm increasingly convinced this is a terrible book, but it slides along so quickly it's hard to get mad and stop to think about it and then STOP, so it may be a while before I call bullshit and quit reading. M. came over to visit. Yesterday she went to Nash Dinosaur Tracks and a Dinosaur related state park in Connecticut, if I understood her correctly (I may not have). I was reading the news and saw more headlines about tall people getting more cancer. I wonder if dinosaurs got cancer? Yes! They did! For sure bone and brain; for obvious reasons there are some limitations in our ability to detect other cancers in dinosaurs.

And that's pretty much what my brain has been like today: a hyper ferret learning to ice skate, basically.
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