walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

That Awkward Age

So, I'm awkward -- every age is That Awkward Age for me. on Wednesday, I met a very lovely woman when T. had a playdate with her sons and in the course of a long conversation that covered a lot of ground, she stumbled across my age and about went into shock. This isn't the usual, gosh, you don't look that old kind of thing. This was raw surprise.

Really, if you can fake that kind of thing, I will fall for it every single time.

Today, at the bank, the teller asked to see my license a _second time_ (this is my regular branch, but a different woman than I've seen before -- many of them recognize me and don't ask for ID on a deposit with cash back), and came up with, "My, you've aged well." Turns out she used to bartend at some point in the past and is therefore _really_ used to comparing people's age to what they look like In Real Life and I don't fall anywhere within expectation. She said she would have carded me.

No one actually _has_ carded me in, er, several years now (I think almost a decade, actually), so I had kind of hoped this phase was all over. This is the first time someone has said they entertained the possibility that I was using my mother's ID.

I know why this happened. I blame my parents.

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