walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Excavating the old iMac

I'm continuing to excavate files from the old iMac. You can see a tiny fraction of the results here:


The short story and novella are new additions. The fantasy novel was excavated about a year ago, and the sf novel never suffered the humiliation of living for years, abandoned, on an aging piece of hardware.

A lot of the projects never made it to any meaningful level of completion. I'm uncertain what I want to do with the contemporary romance novel which is fully plotted (I even have the outline) and 11 out of 16 chapters are written. I don't know whether to finish it or put it up unfinished with the outline.

This is a really weird project in so many ways.

ETA: The contemporary romance novel will be going up tomorrow, or possibly next week, along with the outline. I'll try to finish it over the next few months.

ETAYA: The first 6 chapters are up, but it takes a while to get each one formatted at all, so I'll finish that up later. Off to bed for me. . .

ETA Still more: What I have is now up. Back to excavating other files from the iMac.

ETA the very last bit on _this_ post: Everything seems to be off the old iMac, thus leaving me with a very real conundrum: what should I do with the box?
Tags: daily activities

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