walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Not a review of _American Elsewhere_

I'm really not happy about this. Mona Bright buries her father Earl somewhere in Texas, and learns that her mother, who died almost 30 years earlier, had a place in New Mexico that her father inherited, and since he never claimed it, now she does. She only has 11 days to get from wherever she is in Texas to wherever "Wink" is in New Mexico (on a Mesa called Abertura - har de har. Do you even need google translate to tell you that abertura means aperture or opening? Not really, no.). She keeps driving in a Charger. For days, wondering if she'll make it.

I'm like. You're in Texas. It's in New Mexico. It is actually kind of hard to get even 24 hours worth of driving separation between Texas and New Mexico, unless you introduce winding dirt roads into the picture (which, to be fair, you could. Easily. But so far, she's sticking to I-40, which suggests that things are much closer than some sort of Reynosa to Farmington type of deal). And yet this:

"Eight days. She can make it in eight days."

I don't get it. I am confused.

Also: rendered is over-used. AND this sentence:

"(this instruction is needless -- there is only one road)"

You can say "needless insert-noun-here". You can say, "needless to say". But I've never, ever, ever seen anyone use it in a sort of free-standing way.

What is going on? I am seriously confused.

ETAYA: Glock's don't have safeties. *PLEASE*!!

I _think_ Honda [ETA: For whatever reason, I typed Toyota. Wrong! I need an editor, but I'm just an amateur blogger writing for free. Different situation.] Civics have had internal trunk releases for like, a really long time. However, I'm prepared to be proved wrong. I have a tough time imagining anyone being successfully contained in the trunk of a Civic, however -- it doesn't seem like breaking through the back seat of that car would be that hard.

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