walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

A Tesla in the Efteling Bosrijk Parkeerplaats

R. and I, completely separately, both photographed a Tesla parked in the Bosrijk Parkeerplaats. Today, during my Dutch lesson, I was telling my teacher, A., about this and attempting to involve him in speculation about wtf someone was doing with a Tesla at Efteling Bosrijk. He noted that it was surrounded by minivans, and obviously a Tesla is a sports car. It was not obvious, however, to A. that it had no back seat (he asked), altho as he pointed out you _could_ take one child to Efteling in a Tesla, and in any event, A.'s lone visit to Efteling had not involved children. I was going to ask him if he remembered Droomvlucht and what he thought of it, but his recollection of the rides seemed very limited.

Also, A. didn't know about Tesla, which made me realize several things quite quickly. First, explaining that Tesla was an electric sports car was completely irrelevant to him. Elon Musk didn't mean anything to him. And PayPal as an explanation for Elon Musk wasn't a very powerful explanation of any of this. R. didn't know about Musk, but _did_ remember the This American Life about the auto factory in Fremont that used to be a joint venture between Toyota (?) and GM, that was now (?) a Tesla factory.

So. Apparently, billionaires -- mostly tech billionaires, but billionaires in general -- are the only celebrities that I consistently keep track of (wow, does this say truly shitty things about my character). R. will remember anything that involves a factory. And sensible, decent human beings remain fully oblivious to all of the status implications -- whatever they might or might not be -- of fully electric sports cars.

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