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McDonald's in Meppel, Heerenveen

Meppel is on the way from Schiphol to Diever. The boy was hungry. He wanted fries. We stopped at a McDonald's. We were a little early, so we had to wait a few minutes for the first batch of fries, but they were very nice to us. I got through the transaction entirely in Dutch, but they knew perfectly well I spoke English because I was talking to T. in English. So when the nice young woman handed us the extremely hot fries, she very, very carefully and precisely enunciated, "It was my pleasure!"

I was dead on my feet from an overnight flight, but that was a ton of fun.

I don't advocate eating at McDonald's anywhere, but wow, do they implement those recipes as perfectly as they possibly can be implemented. There's a lot of competition for excellent fries in the low countries, but the Golden Arches are at least making a solid showing, far better than is typical here in the United States.

Our second and third visit to McD's were in Heerenveen. We got lunch after a morning visit one day, and before a zoo outing another day, IIRC. There was an outdoor play space with a no shoes rule that I did not detect on the first day; there was no sock requirement, which is an interesting difference. I was stymied by the offer of Danoontjes, which turns out to be a squeezable square pouch of strawberry yogurt with a pink screw cap on it. T. was initially freaked out by this, but they grew on him and by the end of the trip, he was demanding special trips to the Albert Heijn to get another 8 or so to eat in a single day. You may feel free to believe that I am exaggerating for effect. The quarter pounders were consistently better executed than any quarter pounder I've ever had on either coast.

I would certainly hope that you can convince your traveling party to eat in a better place than McD's, should you be traveling in the Netherlands. However, if you find yourself at the Golden Arches, it will be pretty damn good, for where you are.
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