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T. is a very organized little boy. He kind of always has been; they commented about it at the preschool right from the beginning. He loves routine and hates disruption to routine and would prefer to understand the routine better than others and tell them what to do. I mean, who wouldn't? It's tough to tell how much of this comes from me and how much from R. Our internal organizational drives are very, very different, and our strategies are somewhat different, but we both have a lot of the same stuff going on. On the other hand, maybe it's not our genetics at all, but just growing up around us.

Yesterday, T. started the Teletubbies game (continuing to play it pretty hard today -- he's also playing the piano along with music on the tubbies discs. Not the songs, just whatever keys he happens to pick, but it doesn't sound unpleasant. It's not bang-y or loud.). Today, he has decided he's going to adopt all my daily organizational habits. Around the middle of November of last year, I ordered a small valet/change tray with snaps on it. The idea was to keep pocket little from falling off the night stand and to ensure it re-entered the next day's pockets. This was around the time I started to really consistently carry a knife and flashlight and some time later I added the space pen.

Anyway. He wants a tray like mine. He wants lip balm in it, like I keep in mine (does not go back into my pockets, but does travel with me -- the tray is one of those stiffened leather things with snaps to make corners so it packs flat). He wants a space pen. He wants cough drops and "snack bars" (I often keep Ricola and a larabar in the tray, again, not into the pockets but I do travel with them). He was emphatic, so we made a list and put the order together today. It feels a little weird, but I bought both the kids wallets a while back when I realized they were going places Not With Me where some money would come in handy, and when they might need their swim and/or library card. They've had their own backpacks or outings bags since forever.

He _also_ wants my handbag which, fortunately, is still available and, as these things go, not totally ridiculous for a small child to carry around (lesportsac cleo, so on a kid it'll be like a messenger bag. The it's a small world style cannot be any odder than T. carrying around a Minnie Mouse handbag). I _think_ he wants the handbag because it went on all the rides with us at Efteling and maybe he's sort of hoping to get that feeling back (he did mention the ride connection, and the importance of not losing it or leaving it behind on the rides).
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