walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Playing Teletubbies

Before and after our trip, T. has been quite obsessed with the Teletubbies again (we have a lot of DVDs). That's fine -- I have no objection to the tubbies playing in the background. But he's added a new twist: we've each been assigned a tubby-role, and associated favorite thing. So A. is Po, and her favorite thing is her scooter. T. is Tinky-Winky, and his favorite thing is his "purse" (the show and I say bag, but T. insists on purse and is using his Minnie Mouse handbag as the prop). R. is Dipsy, and his favorite thing is his hat (pity we don't have that black and white thing from the show, which would be Awesome, but we're making do with one of R.'s many hats). I am therefore LaLa, and my favorite thing is a yellow ball -- T. got a therapy ball that we have which is yellow and quite perfect.

Fun! Weirdly good play style: interactive, propped and none of it suggested by us. The role assignments are gender/size/personality appropriate. One wonders what movies he'll cast us in in the future.
Tags: daily activities

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