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Trip Reports Will Shortly Ensue

But I have a general policy of avoiding blogging while tipsy and/or jetlagged. And boy, do I feel punchy right now. There was a little port wine on the plane, but that was a lot of hours ago so I'm assuming this is jetlag.

Short form: we got on a flight to Schiphol on the evening of June 23, arrived on the morning of June 24, drove up to Diever, settled into a rental, called my father's cousin A. and arranged a visit on June 25. We had a couple hours hanging out on June 25, and then a trip to AquaZoo Friesland on the afternoon of June 26 for a few hours. June 28 was another short morning visit hanging out and we were lucky to also meet P.-J. (one of A.'s sons) and his lovely little boy, J. On June 27, we did not visit family but it rained and we took the kiddies to Oranje Speeltuin.

Later on June 28, we left the wonderful rental in Diever and drove down to Efteling in Kaatsheuvel, where we stayed for the balance of our trip. We flew home today, leaving in the morning from Schiphol and arriving early afternoon at Logan.

I may not have time to blog before Monday, but the kids start their summer term then so I ought to be able to do at least some then. I'll be putting together trip reports on at least the following:

Diever stay: including side trips around Drenthe and Friesland
Efteling Bosrijk (the vacation cottages)
Efteling rides (might be one about the ride systems and then one about the rides)
our day of small thefts
the mixed results from my language learning efforts including using a TomTom in another language
a genealogy discovery in the Notarial summaries online at Tresoar, and the story about g-gpa Aebe or Ybe taking the fam to Germany (!!!)
the mixed results of using small electronics (cell phones, tablets, etc.) in another country

There will be at least one locked friends-only trip report as well, possibly more than one depending on how out of hand it gets as I'm writing it. Most of my description of our flight experience will be in the friends-only trip report along with a few other odds and ends.

This summary is likely to be edited to make it more accurate retrospectively. I'll be labeling the reports clearly to indicate what is included, so if you're interested in something in particular (say, theme parks), you can avoid genealogy (and vice versa). And if you are the type to avoid vacation slide shows, well, you probably just want to wait until I start book blogging again (altho I'll warn you now: I'm on a Barry Eichengreen binge right now, so if you thought payment systems were a terrible topic, you're going to be even less impressed by this stuff).

I will eventually get back to detailing the minutiae of life with the fam in Metrowest. I promise. ;-)
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