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Tourism Drop in India


Can't say that's surprising: when the headlines for months are relentlessly about horrifying gang rapes of (1) a woman accompanied by a man using public transport and (2) a woman accompanied by a man camping in the woods while bicycle touring from temple to temple, it's actually kind of hard to imagine the informed woman traveler, alone, with a man, or in a group that would feel inclined to take on that risk.

You can certainly argue that, well, gang rapes happen everywhere, and that is true: the world is a horrifying and depressing place and no one is ever completely safe. But the risks look a little different for each kind of person in each kind of place and right at this moment in time, optional travel to India has to look a little sketchy.

I, personally, was still working on forgetting this one:


India looks so beautiful in all the pictures and video. The food is wonderful and everyone I've met from there seems kind and intelligent and polite. I'd love to go there. But I'm going to be waiting quite a long while yet, it seems.

ETA: Ford Figo ad controversy probably hasn't been helping either.


A very large number of people need to change their understanding of how this makes them look to other people, and why they should care.

There are links within that piece to other incidents. On the one hand, I can't help but feel that some of these younger advertisers, uploading ads for clients to websites without pre-clearing them, trying to be shocking to get attention, are maybe engaging in some cultural protest, a la adbusters. But the content of them is so tilted in one direction that it seems impossible to view it ironically or critically. I think these are just the Indian version of frat boys who desperately need some schooling. Or consciousness raising. Or something.