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I was supposed to have a one-on-one language session with someone last week, but I canceled due to Fear of Weather (justified, in that A.'s school had early release so I couldn't have done it anyway). But today, I met up with A. and he was very nice and very helpful and I feel like I learned a lot and we're going to do this weekly so I'm really happy.

While I was out, the mystery package arrived. It had a welcome/setup packet in it which included a pocket for a sim card but no sim card. I now suspect robots sent the package out with no human involved. But I could be wrong.

We had friends visit, who have a daughter about A.'s age and a younger son. Other than the littlest being very accident prone (hey, 18 months, goes with the territory), we all had a good time, with the possible exception of T., who really wanted his papa to play his toy story iPad puzzler level for him. Papa, alas, was needed to cook burgers. Also, there was some fallout associated with only having root beer flavored popsicles left.

A busy day, but a really good one. I don't even have a headache from all the socializing, which is sort of miraculous, but everyone I talked to today has the same kind, welcoming, understanding personality and demeanor so that even I cannot manage to get stressed out talking to them.