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After the kids were in bed, I took R.B. (I'm giving her both initials, because either one by itself is just entirely too frequently used in my life and the ambiguity is killing me so I can only imagine my poor readers), who is visiting, with me to both libraries in town to return library books. The theory was there would be portals and such like that for her to play in Ingress. And there were. We did Citizens first and then Memorial, and as we were driving along 27, we noted many (many many) police vehicles, including state. Also, a helicopter with a searchlight. Hmmmm. But they weren't stopping or redirecting traffic, so we proceeded to the library. The vehicles were parked at Kennedy's and on the road near the police station; the helicopter was focused on the other side of 27.

We returned books, she got a couple things in the parking lot then I read my kindle in the car while she walked around to the war memorials to get a few more, where she had an Encounter with a couple fire fighters (there's a fire station on Concord Rd. there), who apparently are part of a large search for a woman. They very apologetically asked her for her id and they chatted for a while.

This was a _lot_ of excitement for returning library books and playing Ingress. We came home. We figured if we could have this much happen returning some books and playing Ingress, we really shouldn't go anywhere near, say, a bar.

ETA: My efforts to find out further details (searching the web, google news, twitter) haven't found anything useful. Let me know if you are more successful than I have been. Don't get distracted by the 2012 incident involving the Southington, CT woman.


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Aug. 9th, 2014 03:34 am (UTC)
The scanner conversation started with a stray car at Kennedy's landscaping. Family from Watertown with a 27 year old daughter maybe named Lynn. They called cell phone carriers. Checking on video. The event started when Kennedy's (who they keep calling "the owners of the business") wanted to close and had the stray car.

Later 5' 7" female, heavy set, usually wears all black.

Apparently if you are logged onto "Mobile Cop" the dispatcher (and maybe everyone else) can keep track of your location.

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