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If you are here for genealogy, try this: http://walkitout.livejournal.com/tag/genealogy

I write about whatever I am thinking about. It helps me think about it and remember it later. Because I live far away from many of my longest term friends, we don't always get to participate in each other's daily life; sharing my blog is a second-best.

My interests change over time, but at any given time, I am usually very intensely interested in a few things. This might look more organized and logical than it really is. I have two children with autism spectrum diagnoses, and they seem completely normal for my extended family; if I were a kid growing up today, I'd have a diagnosis, too. Try to keep that in mind, if you're trying to figure out what kind of person would write the kinds of things I write.
I took T. to an early dermatology appointment then dropped him off at school. He's got another half day, and an afternoon appointment at the Lurie Center. We're looking for referrals for a hearing evaluation and a developmental opthmalogist. Turned out to be nice timing on the scheduling of the IEP and annual appointment at the Lurie Center. It wasn't on purpose.

Trying to get a handle on the many tasks remaining, but it's still kind of hard to focus. I attribute at least some of this to the inevitable feeling of being behind that is part of December.
A. wound up going to gymnastics on Tuesday night, but apparently sort of phoned it in. I was a little surprised she went at all, honestly.

Today, R. went to the IEP meeting (3 year re-eval). The new-ish OT identified some issues that had previously not been noticed so there are some modifications and additional motivation for R. and I to maybe get T. doing martial arts. I'm thinking tai chi, to minimize the risk of anyone getting hurt; there's a fairly traditional school in town that looks good. That's what finally helped me with my proprioreceptive problems; maybe if T. gets that kind of help a few decades earlier, it'll be even more effective.

Meanwhile, I dragged my still under the weather self off to pick up T. at school, then to Starbucks (I had a plain, toasted bagel, which was nice) and then to gymnastics. We had a couple sitters, so I told R. he could work late to make up for some of the interruption and I went to bed early.
I was feeling fine in the morning and went to my Dutch lesson, had a nice walk and a lovely lunch. Alas, by 3 or 4 that afternoon, I wasn't feeling so good. Fortunately, the kids had sitters, so I slept. And we already had rehydration drinks in the house.
My i3 failed the emissions part of the sticker inspection. Yes, you read that right. Turns out if you leave some gas sitting in the tiny gas tank for long enough and never actually run the engine, all sorts of things don't work as they are supposed to. So, I need to run the charge down, run the range extender for a while, and then try a second time on the sticker. *sigh* Because it was snowing today when the car went in for a software update, I decided to have them put Blizzaks on while they were at it.

I took my monster stack of photos, photo mailers and holiday cards and assembled photo packets. I'm hoping to get those out tomorrow. The rest of the holiday cards will hopefully be addressed some time Real Soon Now.

I figured a girl who can't keep water down should not go to school, even if we haven't actually tested that fact in more than 12 hours. She's watching Cookie Swirl C and Dora and Friends episodes.

T.'s babysitter canceled. I canceled A's babysitter before that happened, but ultimately successfully uncanceled so he's happy. A. kept apple juice and crackers down and is feeling way better than yesterday so I've upgraded her to her own room and put the futon in the seating position. Almost done with the laundry, many thanks to R. for working on it so diligently yesterday.

Sunday's Activities Include: A. is Sick

On Saturday night, A. really didn't want to go to bed. And after a couple hours of various attempts to drag the going to bed process out, she started throwing up. R.'s theory -- based on the sheer volume of what came out -- was that she ate too much. However, that doesn't explain why she kept throwing up for hours, long after even the bile was gone and it was just -- oh, wait, you wanted a warning? Did you _see_ the subject line?

Where was I? Oh, yeah. So, we went through two rounds of bedding, but then I switched her from her room to my bathroom on an aerobed (much, much easier to clean up) and a few blankets later, I switched her to towels, because we have a lot of towels and they take less space in the washer. She pretty much was up all night and so was I. Around 5 a.m., I got sort of concerned about the whole hydration situation, and tried to talk her into drinking some drip drop. No go, so I sent R. out to CVS for Pedialyte. She didn't like that either, but was willing to drink a little of it.

We didn't try to do anything on Sunday, other than see if I could get her to the point where water would stay down. No go. I eventually had R. go get some apple juice boxes and that is staying down and she's much more willing to drink it.

Fortunately, there are a bunch of Anne Calhoun Lancaster, PA novels and novellas that I had not yet read, so at least there was that.
This morning, I had to get up a little early to take T. to Whole Foods, because I had two other outings planned for the day.

The next outing was to Buttons & Bows for their annual (?) American Girl event. I got there 15 minutes before the store opened, there was a line of several dozen people and no parking spaces. I wound up parking across the street in the lot leftover after that tack shop was taken down (Pegasus, maybe?). The pet store next to B&B had a sign saying Only For Our Customers or words to that effect.

I didn't have much of a plan, other than, A. is in That Doll Phase and still loves pink and is otherwise blessedly untouched by ridiculous ideas like I Must Own Everything From One Particular Obscure Collection From 7 Years Ago And Nothing Else Will Do. I had already ordered her Ashlyn from this year's Wellie Wishers (finally, a cheaper option from AmGirl) along with a load of accessories, so to the extend I had a goal it was: buy not too insanely priced pink crap. I did okay. There's a bed, a bathtub, a locker, a rolling luggage item (those last two are actually decent storage for clothing and other accessories), an unholy number of random pink clothing articles. I did rather foolishly succumb to the impulse to buy Rebecca's couch, which was Not Cheap, even at B&B, but OMG it is cute.

I did _not_ pay this much for it (and I didn't get it NIB/w tags or anything special like that): http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-American-Girl-Rebecca-Settee-Velvet-Couch-Sofa-Retired-NIB-/151662447170

After escaping the madness that is one of Jillian's best organized events, I went home, did NOT unpack the trunk, got everyone bundled into the other vehicle, including R., and we went to pick up D. and R. to go to Maynard ArtSpace for the Christmas/holiday fair. I got R. a print (at least I think I did! It should be delivered in a day or two, but the emailed receipt never arrived so I am a little puzzled. I may have to pull out the business card and find out what happened) for his holiday present. A. got a painting and a necklace. I brought home a card so I could buy some of the pastel minis that were so adorable but the artist had disappeared by the time I was ready to buy and there were three kids about the melt down so time to go! Lots of fun -- they do a few open house/shows throughout the year, if you get a chance and are in Metrowest you should try to go to one.

ETA: Oh, and R. and T. went to get a tree after they had lunch at Julie's Place! R. and A. will probably decorate it this evening while T. and I go out to dinner. Shortly.
Some days, I feel like I'm just shifting from a too-warm spot in hell to another, possibly even warm location.

Other days, I feel like I live a charmed life.

Honestly, my life isn't changing -- this is purely an artifact of my current mood, and I am almost always aware of that. Here is an example of that in action. I took myself off to Solomon Pond Mall the other day with my iPad with the cracked screen. It broke before T-weekend, and I've shifted the appointment twice because I just couldn't get my act together enough to get there sooner. I tell my tale of woe to the nice gentleman who says he didn't actually hear any of it, because the warranty will actually cover the crack in question.

No shit. I didn't even buy the AppleCare or anything like that. Turns out a hairline crack, no evidence of a point of impact, and no spider webbing, etc. -- that particular kind of crack might actually not be my fault and therefore might be covered by the warranty. But they don't have a swappable device, so I have to wait for one to arrive. Fingers crossed that it is still covered by warranty when I return.

A couple days ago, I had this great talk-about-books convo with a friend of mine. I mentioned -- in the course of this convo -- a podcast over on SBTB about billionaire novels. I was thinking it was from a couple years ago. Apparently 2 = 4 because it was actually from 2012. Which was a mistake I also made that same evening, when I mentioned to someone that I was attending that event to see him, and I still vividly and with pleasure recalled our previous meeting, a couple years ago, again, probably in 2012.

Anyway. The podcast includes a variety of assertions about what Extremely Rich People Do and Don't Do, and one of the recession stories included the offspring of great wealth who was having to fly first class when previously he had only experienced private planes.

I thought of that podcast _again_ when I read about Eric Trump running into a Muslim American comedian in first class.


The world is what it is. And it is often hilarious. Even if we are, actually, sitting in a warmish spot in hell.
I had two sitters today! First time this week! Very exciting. R. and I went out to dinner and I had two Fall Guys (always an Error) while I regaled poor husband with tales of I Hate People.

Oh well. There are days like that. They are improved by brown liquor and red meat.

I also placed both scholastic orders, after talking to T.'s teacher and deciding that just attaching it to his inclusion class was probably the right strategy.

Perhaps tomorrow will be a less depressing day. Or maybe I'll just go for a walk, get my iPad screen fixed and feel better, independent of the quality of the day. In the meantime, I _really_ enjoyed watching Iron Man 3, the rest of Captain America: Civil War and the beginning of Ant-Man. Because there's nothing like a good action flick when feeling annoyed with The Real World.

(If you are thinking, gosh, walkitout, can I help you out with that, don't even bother. Really. It'll be fine. I'm just aggravated.)
It's 4H around here! Okay, not really. I had a haircut this morning, and I got going early enough to walk. I dropped a check off at the post office after, and then went for a walk with M. It was T.'s half day, so I picked him up, and then took him to gymnastics. He was unhappy with the choice of t-shirt and shorts (not quite matching green color apparently was not acceptable). Sitter texted in sick for the third day in a row; poor T. really misses her.

I headed out at 4 after R. came home early from work to watch T. I had a program to attend at Harvard, a UCS national food policy panel that was probably intended to be a bit of a victory lap and then buckle down to continue working on food but instead, as a result of the election not turning out as expected, turned into something else entirely. One nutter on the microphone during the q&a. Bittman's presentation got me thinking about the line 501(3)c organizations have to walk in terms of not taking a position on specific candidates. Emily Broad Lieb's presentation was fantastic -- she talked about some specific issues that might well arise in the next few years: there may well be a push to convert school lunch funding and/or SNAP to state block grant programs. She outlined other programs (AFDC and TANF) that went through this conversion back in the 1990s and the ramifications from that conversion that continue to this day in terms of state-to-state differences in coverage. Very, very, very good things to talk about and stay focused on, with bipartisan, broad interest. Salvador had a good presentation as well, talking about how the new administration's promises are out of step with the direction the population as a whole has been moving and also about how some of those promises, if implemented, would be directly and immediately harmful to people who helped elect this administration. 2 big tables (about a dozen per) at Henrietta's after. I got to chat with several really nice, pleasant people from various backgrounds about a variety of topics, some related to the presentation but a lot just getting to know each other. One of the nicest things about giving money consistently to organizations which align well with one's values is getting the opportunity to meet other people doing the same thing, and finding out that, what do you know, they are really wonderful. Big crowd at the main discussion -- over 300.
T. wanted to talk about travel plans for a trip some months in the future. I was willing to answer several questions (where is the airport, where is the hotel, etc.) but it turns out that asking me to explain the ground transportation arrangements to the airport for a trip more than a couple months in the future AFTER I have already had my evening drink is Not a Good Idea.

I did wind up ordering him a couple books about where we are going that are aimed at kids and have activities and pictures and so forth. Hopefully that will make up for me losing my temper at being required to explain how he was going to get from school to the airport (answer: by going home first, because I'm not bringing a school backpack on an airplane).

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